State of Sheffield report
The brief was to design "The state of Sheffield report". The report is a study into the state of Sheffield and how it can be improved, the report is intended for 300 policy makers in Sheffield. The format was up to us but they needed at least 300 printed copies. I chose a print and a digital format. The print format was very enjoyable to make, I used the concept of sharing as a tool to promote the report. The grid was based on a theme that was key in the report, the core cities as Sheffield was compared to them quite a lot in the report. I dotted them out on a map of the United kingdom and vectored it. The grid is used on every page including the cover. I also die cut a hole where Sheffield is on the grid. The hole goes through every page. The digital format The reason I picked a digital format is so that I can collect the analytics using DocSend and if the policy makers have read the report, what pages they stayed on the longest and remind them to read it if they have not. I believe that this will be a very effective way of ensuring that documents are being read by the right people.
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